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... thaa... the... amount offmoney... lost... each year...// to... healtt fraud,//// healthcare fraud, waste and estimated 00 hundred billion dollaas a year. a federal sting carried out this week in seven staaess has taaen aa bite out of edicare raud, but for how long?[lln engel "thhre's so mmch of it and unfortunately the government doesnnt have enough to go ahead and go after all of it." trt=:06lon engel, an attorney, specializes in heelth care frrud cases. pposecutions are not difficult, the difficulty engel says is recovering the money.[sot in engel]sot in 28:54 "if ttwinds up hat we have this mom and pop home health care center that has fraud because they weren't ng - makinggthat much money and they were doing that as a way to ennance a weak enter, how's the overrmmnt going to registerr tsnd]trt==02engel says as much s 25 percenttof fraud, waste ann abuse stems from home health care businesses. and with too few federal prosecutors and too much fraud engel says thee department of justice has no choice buttto be choosey about who to go after. [engel interview]s
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1